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Substance Abuse and How to Overcome it

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is the result of continuous substance abuse. Individuals who abuse drugs develop a dependency on the substance and can no longer continue with their lives without using the substance. Most people suffering from drug addiction cannot manage this disorder without accessing the services of an addiction treatment center. The side effects of drug addiction are usually chronic and may include psychological effects, social issues, and mental disorder.

Drug addiction alters the brain functioning and may have the potential to cause permanent changes in emotional, psychological, and social behaviors. It could also have serious social effects on those abusing substances. Social issues associated with drug addiction may include violence, marital problems, being unhygienic, or loss of the job.

Objectives of Corbin Recovery addiction facility

Help our clients overcome addiction

Improve our clients’ general health

Enable clients to regain control of their educational, family, and employment roles

Provide clients with psychological and psychiatric counseling

The Corbin Recovery rehabilitation process

Intake and assessment

The intake phase involves assessing the various addiction treatment facilities to determine if it is fit for the substance addiction you need to treat. This stage involves the client engaging with our staff to know more about the drug recovery facility in Lexington, Kentucky and the addiction recovery programs available. Our staff will have the opportunity to know how severe the client’s drug addiction is and suggest the best available addiction recovery program suitable for them as well as the financial cost of such a program. We inform our clients about the various rehab treatment programs we offer. The programs include inpatient services, outpatient services, and a combination of both if need be.


Detoxification is the process of subjecting our clients to metabolic processes aimed at reducing the toxicity of substances in the body. It is essential for our clients to undergo detoxification before the rehabilitation exercise begins to ensure that the treatment will be efficient. Our addiction treatment facility in Lexington has adequate qualified staff who ensure supervision of clients in our drug detox clinic. Supervision of a detox will ensure that clients undergo the full detoxification before commencing treatment.

Psychotherapy and behavioral treatment

This is the most important phase of the rehabilitation process. Our qualified staff will help clients redirect their future through the resolution of addiction problems caused by underlying emotional, mental, and psychological problems. After our certified counselors and therapists are able to identify the various causes of the emotional, mental, and psychological issues, they provide systematic guidance on how to adapt to expected changes.

Follow up care

Rehabilitation is a continuous process and continues until our certified staff confirm clients are fully treated. Once the rehabilitation process is over, our Lexington treatment facility offers support care to our clients with the aim of giving them the mental and physical support required to ensure they fully quit substance abuse. Our drug treatment programs in Lexington also promote a lifelong process to recovery and enable clients to resist cravings and avoid relapse. Our Lexington addiction recovery center provides follow up services such as real life development skills, sober living facilities, job skills, support groups, and consultation programs.

Aftercare services

Our drug rehab center in Lexington, Kentucky provide free aftercare services. We ensure that our clients continue to enjoy the benefits of community support groups even after they leave the facility. Don’t wait, call Corbin Recovery today to get started.