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Mental health in the US is deteriorating. With the rise of mental illness, addiction has become a growing problem as well. Stafford Recovery drug rehab centers cater their addiction recovery program towards the individual’s illness.

We at Stafford Recovery really have an understanding of dual diagnosis health treatments. The first step at our addiction recovery facility in Providence, Rhode Island is based solely on a psychiatric diagnosis. We offer our drug detox clinic while we examine the best course of action for your personalized assisted recovery. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Providence, Rhode Island is equipped with all the things you need for your recovery, including nutritional therapy, care specialists, behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, and other methods and therapeutic techniques based on what the client’s needs.

Our Providence addiction treatment facility we’ve built has a focus on healing and renewal. We also offer meditation/mindfulness sessions, yoga, and exercise/fitness programs. This aids in the process of not only releasing tension, but focusing on the spiritual, emotional aspects of addiction recovery. Being able to enlighten yourself in the moment is important at our Providence substance abuse treatment facility. These activities are taught and accessible for clients to have a more productive and satisfying outlet than to give in to addictive tendencies. Our addiction recovery facility in Providence also focuses on outdoor activities to broaden the scope of treatment.

Stafford Recovery facilities embody everything that we represent and wish to accomplish therapeutically for our clients. We offer family therapy, marriage therapy, one-on-one therapy, and different behavioral therapeutic methods. We offer many methods of therapy, we’re sure to find the perfect one for each individual client. Once a client leaves our substance abuse treatment facility in Providence, Rhode Island, however, we don’t just leave them without our professional help. Sending a client back without offering services would be a shock with how attentive we are. We bring that attention outward once a client feels confident leaving our facility. Prior to leaving, we help plan activities, set up backup plans, and any and all other preparations the individual client needs. Other preparations include emotional outlets, proper coping skills, detailed plans, and much more. We also offer help setting up post treatment therapy both individual and family, regular check-ups, and assistance with the transition by sending to help.

All you have to do to get started on your new life is call Corbin Recovery and set up an appointment for a free consultation. With the help of our drug rehab clinic in Providence, Rhode Island, you can overcome this debilitating disease with a customized treatment that is comprehensively based upon your needs.