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Rehabilitation Center for a Better Life

Some people who are addicted live in denial that they are in control. It is until they hit rock bottom that they realize they need professional help. The family and friends can only support such a person and encourage them to get help. We are an established substance abuse treatment facility in Longview, Washington that offers professional help to everyone who is struggling with drug abuse.

It is important to understand the process of drug rehabilitation so that one can make an informed decision when coming for treatment. We will highlight the core services we offer at our Longview drug detox clinic.


When a person is brought to the Longview drug rehab facility the first step is intake. At this point, we take the necessary information about the client and the family members who are around the client. We also conduct an assessment for the client. The evaluation is geared towards finding out the following:

  • Social assessment to learn about the social support the client has.
  • Psychological assessment of whether the client has a mental condition that could compromise treatment.
  • The overall health status of the client.

The individualized assessment is useful in any drug rehab facility to establish the kind of treatment that is needed for a particular client. From this point, the counselor helps you come up with a treatment plan for the client and commits to an addiction recovery program.


Detoxification is one of the most vital processes in addiction recovery. Every Corbin Recovery addiction treatment center ensures that we guide the client through detox as it has numerous benefits for the client.

Detox refers to a process in which a client is supported while the harmful chemicals leave the body for an extended period. During this time, the client goes through withdrawal symptoms, and the professionals help them manage the effects of withdrawal without compromising the health of the client.

Different drug rehab centers offer a different kind of support during detox. Our addiction recovery center in Longview encourages family and friends to provide support to their loved one who is going through the rehab program. It gives them the willpower to go through the challenging effects as the drug leaves the body. We also ensure that the client is well-fed because the process can drain one’s physical energy.


Addiction is not just a behavioral challenge. It is both a physical and psychological condition. As such we employ the use of qualified personnel’s to offer psychosocial support for the clients. The psychotherapists offer both individual counseling session and group sessions.

In the Individual sessions, they help the client to have an honest conversation with themselves. They act as a mirror whereby the client can look back and identify how the drug has changed their lives. They are helped to do a cost-benefit analysis of their substance abuse and negative behavior. The counselor also guides the client to start and to rebuild their social life and to reconnect with the people they might have lost along the way.

In the group session, the therapist creates an environment which is non-judgmental, and all the clients can talk about their subjective experiences with drugs. The community environment offers a great opportunity for validation and support.


Every addiction recovery facility in Longview offers aftercare programs to assist the client who has left the intensive addiction recovery program. Most times aftercare is done as an outpatient program. The aftercare program encouraged by many addiction treatment facility is a 12-step-oriented program.

The twelve step program offers psychosocial support to the recovering clients. It also helps clients have a safe environment where they can rebuild their lives by learning how others are doing it.

Another aftercare program that is done at the Corbin Recovery addiction treatment center in Longview, Washington is life skills training. It also involves vocational training to give the clients something that they can use to rebuild their lives upon.