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Is a Rehab Center Right for You?

Drug addiction is a difficult problem to admit to yourself, but if you have come to terms with your addiction, you will have taken the first step towards recovery. The next step in the process will be to start your recovery treatment. You may wonder if our substance abuse treatment facility in Redmond, Washington is the right environment for you to receive this care. Our Redmond drug rehab facility will provide the best chances of you receiving the sustainable treatment you need because it is customized to your needs and comprehensively altered to meet them.


Supervised Detoxification

You’ve spent quite some time exposing your body to the harmful substances to the point at which your body has become used to them. Now you have to reverse that process to kick-off your addiction recovery. Our addiction recovery center in Redmond has a drug detox clinic with caring staff who can monitor you as your body purifies itself and resets to a state of stability. These people we have watching over you at the addiction recovery facility in Redmond will provide you moral support and encouragement so that you do not feel alone. The length of your process depends on the drug and the amount of time you exposed yourself to it, the physical strength of the person, and the power of the drug. The average time it takes for a person to detoxify is a few days to a few weeks.


Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are something that you will participate in at our Redmond drug rehab facility. We provide counseling and therapy sessions when the professional asks many questions to discover what is ailing you. Such sessions may be uncomfortable at first, but they will get easier and are necessary for the best chances of making a full recovery.


One thing that the therapist may discover during these sessions is screen you for dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis is simply the treatment of more than one issue at the same time. For example, if you suffer from a condition such as depression, you may need dual diagnosis treatment so that the depression cannot influence your addictive behavior. Dual diagnosis addresses the primary and secondary issues simultaneously to increase your chance of a full recovery. Our drug rehab center in Redmond addresses these issues when other addiction treatment facility locations may miss the connection.


Extensive Support System

You will have caring people around you from the moment you get there to the moment you leave the Redmond rehab facility. When you leave the addiction recovery program in Redmond, the support will follow. You will have people who will check on to makes sure that you are progressing nicely, and you will also have the support of any friends that you have made during the group counseling sessions. You will be surrounded by a network of people who will encourage you every step of the way.


Professionalism and Courtesy

Every member of our staff at the addiction recovery center in Redmond has been trained to exhibit the highest levels of professionalism, compassion, and courtesy. You will receive such treatment for the duration of your time you spend there. Professionalism is one of the things that makes us very different from other providers’ rehabilitation centers in the area.


Get Ready to Brighten Your Future

Don’t feel shy about contacting our addiction treatment center in Redmond, Washington to ask some questions. Your information is always going to be secure, so you can feel safe contacting us and setting up a first-time meeting to see what the facility is like. The road to recovery is in front of you. All you have to do is start walking and don’t stop. All of our facilities have seen people succeed with their recoveries and go on to live fruitful lives. Pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re here for you.